An Introduction to Redis for Developers

Data & AI
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Redis is a popular, powerful, and—most of all—FAST database. Developers worldwide use Redis as a Cache, a session store, a message bus, and even as their regular database. In this session, we'll introduce Redis, and learn some of the key design patterns that you can use with Redis. Then we'll go over how Redis fits into the ecosystem, and how to use it in our applications—including some of the major gotchas to avoid.

By the end of this session you'll have learned:

What is Redis and its major use-cases

What are some key Redis Patterns

How Redis fits into our apps

Some common Redis anti-patterns and how to avoid them

Steve Lorello


Steve's a seasoned developer with a decade of experience working on everything from Air Traffic Control Systems to the Global Positioning System to database drivers. Steve now works as the .NET Developer Advocate at Redis bringing his technical expertise to bear to make the lives of developers using Redis easier.