Testcontainers & You: The Joy of OSS contribution

Mini Lab
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As software developers, we often take the open-source projects we use for granted and are content with simply using them. But in software development, things rarely go as planned, and being able to look into your upstream dependencies, help with triaging bugs, or with extending their functionality to cater to your own needs can be a tremendous advantage. In this lab, we want to have a look at Testcontainers, an open-source library to instrument containers as part of your integration tests. We will show you how to find your way around its codebase, and provide you with a kickstart to become a contributor yourself!

Kevin Wittek

AtomicJar, Inc.

Testcontainers co-maintainer, passionate about FLOSS, containers and Java. Oracle Groundbreaker Ambassador. Likes to write Python programs to support his wife in performing behavioral science experiments with pigeons. Plays the electric guitar and is a musician in his second life.

After many years working in the industry as a software engineer and a short detour into the world of academic blockchain research, Kevin is now working at AtomicJar Inc., trying to make developers more happy and productive, one container at a time.