Community hacks to enhance your career

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Do you feel it’s no longer enough to just be a great developer. Does advancing your career mean you have to be blogging, speaking at conferences, engaging on social media, committing to open source and other things distracting you from actually building software?

You’ll do well to ensure that the people making decisions about your career are hearing and seeing your name and associate it with progress and other cool and positive things (and the truth is they probably aren’t looking at your code).

In this session, we’ll explore some of the best practices that assist in not having to do it all from scratch. Knowing what you are doing can give you an easier path to visible contributions to the community, learning cool new technologies, and educating yourself and others. Even if you’re not after the social fame, your team will notice too. Which is what we wanted!

Sam Hepburn


Sam has spent the past 10 years in London becoming a well-known face of the developer community scene. Working with a variety of organisations within London and now globally building some of the largest tech communities in the world. Her main aim is to create environments for individuals to feel welcome and for communities to flourish.

She's currently leading the community team at helping developers adopt security into their development workflows. As well as building the DevSecCon community and producing The Secure Developer Podcast. In her personal time, she is on the steering committee for Devoxx UK, a JVM focused developer conference. (this one 😉)