How to utilise data storytelling for remote cross-functional teams


Stories are a powerful communication tool in delivering the relevant requirements and facts for data-driven decision making. Throughout the development lifecycle, data can help to refine collaborative understanding and communicate the business value of deliverable.

As I transitioned into the field of User Experience and Design during the pandemic, I realised the relevance that storytelling could have in helping to build a singular vision of the user when developing products in a cross-functional team.

However, for this to work effectively and ensure everyone is on the same trajectory, I have realised the importance of data storytelling in not only helping to work closely with developers to provide a clearer guide to translate user requirements in a step-by-step manner for better experiences, but also break down barriers in miscommunication for the development process


Within this talk, I want to go through my experiences of translating data into user requirements and learnings for implementing this across multiple departments. I also want to highlight my challenges of trying to share these stories whilst working remotely and reflections on improving storytelling techniques between UX, Product and Development teams.


Scheduled on Monday from 16:00 to 16:50 in Room B

User Experience
Data Analysis

Sam Burden


I am a UX Product Manager, with experience in user research and product management in the Market Research Industry.

​In my spare time, I am enthusiastic about learning something new and challenging myself. For example, I am part of the Aspiring Women’s Speaker group that encourages women to take the floor in public speaking and conferences. I regularly do talks in order to obtain feedback and improvements in these skills.

As well, I create my own blog and vlog posts focusing on personal development and career development to UX. I did this, as I wanted to communicate my experiences and challenges faced to similar readers.