How recording yourself can help you with public speaking

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Public speaking within the tech realm has been a blessing in being able to present the latest product developments and influence direction. However, as the need for roles within tech to focus more on presenting ideas to a variety of stakeholders can make the most confident people feel uncomfortable without proper support or techniques to improve this skill.

This was a struggle I knew too well, but I needed to overcome as I knew it was a barrier towards reaching my dream of entering a UX based role, due to it requiring vast amounts of presentations and workshops. In November 2020, I was challenged by my coach to record myself to slowly break down this fear. The initial challenge was to record myself to see how I spoke and thus how I could be perceived by people. I wanted to improve this, so I decided to do a 30-day speaking challenge in November 2020, whereby I would record myself asking questions and using self-belief body mantra talks to myself.

Within my talk, I want to present the idea of how technology can help you to become a better speaker, specifically through the technique of recording yourself daily, in order to help reduce the fear of public speaking and to help frequently stretch these skills when opportunities are not regularly used.


Scheduled on Tuesday from 13:00 to 13:15 in Exec Room


Sam Burden


I am a UX Product Manager, with experience in user research and product management in the Market Research Industry.

​In my spare time, I am enthusiastic about learning something new and challenging myself. For example, I am part of the Aspiring Women’s Speaker group that encourages women to take the floor in public speaking and conferences. I regularly do talks in order to obtain feedback and improvements in these skills.

As well, I create my own blog and vlog posts focusing on personal development and career development to UX. I did this, as I wanted to communicate my experiences and challenges faced to similar readers.