Docker Dev Environments: a New Way to Collaborate Without Git Conflicts

Tools in Action

Does your team have inconsistencies in its developer tooling setup? Do you just review PRs by having a ‘quick glance’ in the browser instead of trying out the code? Do you find yourself debugging via the CI? Do you spend time doing ‘git-fu’ to try and work out what is going on? Do you love Compose? We hope we can help you out and solve some of these for you with the new Docker Dev Environments. 

We will start with an introduction to Docker Dev Environments: What they are, what problems they solve and how they work. We’ll then dive into where we’ll be taking them over the next few months and talk about features like: portable volumes, consistent sidecar containers and tooling, connecting from Desktop to the cloud, Docker Workspaces and more!

Scheduled on Monday from 18:15 to 18:45 in Room B

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Guillaume Lours


Guillaume has been at Docker for over 2 years as a Sr Software Engineer, after playing with Docker Desktop, Docker Hub and different CLI tools, he is now working Dev Environments and features to improve developer teams collaboration