How to Build a Unicorn -- or Die Trying

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In many developer's lives, there comes a day where they have that dream -- the thought that crosses everyone's mind at least once -- of "I could do that myself!" No matter how it starts -- being passed over for a promotion, someone stealing your idea, or seeing other people seemingly having more glamourous lives than you -- you think you can make a go of it as an entrepreneur.

As a serial entrepreneur, who has contributed as a founding employee to multiple successful startups including the billion-dollar unicorn Evernote, I've literally written the book on what you need to go through to create that type of success. In this talk, you'll get to decide for yourself if it's really worth it.

Scheduled on Monday from 09:20 to 09:40 in Gallery Hall

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Heather Wilde


Heather Wilde is the digital solutions lead for TheDifference and cofounder of SerenzeGlobal, a nonprofit whose mission is focused around preparing the world for AI. She was the eighth employee of Evernote, where she oversaw the company’s growth from thousands to 100 million customers which she chronicled in her best-selling book, “Birth of a Unicorn: Six Basic Steps to Success.” She's published popular games, trained Fortune 500 brands, advised hundreds of startups, and managed some major nonprofit programs. Her award-winning work keeps the "Unicorn Whisperer" constantly traveling across the globe to find the next unicorn.