Explaining machine learning to kids

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Children are growing up in a world where machine learning is fast becoming ubiquitous and will affect many aspects of their lives. So we should be helping them to understand what machine learning is and what it can do, and how it impacts the world around them. 

This session will demonstrate free tools from IBM, MIT, Mozilla, and Google that can be used by children to learn about machine learning through hands-on creative activities. Children in schools and code clubs around the world are using these to make their own games and interactive ML projects, and learning about the way these technologies behave and are applied.


Scheduled on Monday from 18:15 to 18:45 in Auditorium

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Dale Lane


Dale is an architect for Kafka and event-streaming in IBM Integration. As the lead developer for IBM Event Streams, he learned about managing Apache Kafka in Kubernetes, and how to make this useful to enterprises. He is also the creator of Machine Learning for Kids, which is a resource for teaching AI and ML which is used by schools around the world.