Identity Access Management: How We Went From On-Prem to The Cloud


As our lives have moved online so has our identity. We trust the services we use to protect them as well as be flexible with them. Previously we wanted our usernames and passwords protected, now we have become accustomed to one sign-on for all. 

This talk chronicles the advantages and challenges of implementing Single Sign On, when migrating an identity management system from on-prem to the cloud. From it you’ll learn about the technical trade-offs and enhanced user experience. Enjoy this deep dive into AWS Cognito and Azure AD.


Scheduled on Monday from 11:50 to 12:40 in Exec Room


Danni Youziel

10x Future Technologies

Danni is a software developer in FinTech, with interests in security and data privacy. She has been fascinated with Identity Management ever since she saw someone pay for coffee with their face. Danni has spoken about the impact of biometric authentication on people and privacy at Black Hat Europe. She holds an MRes in Quantum Physics from Imperial College London. Danni is passionate about diversity and volunteers to coach underrepresented people in tech.