Cloud Native Jakarta EE

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This 15 minute byte size talk is all the time we will need to demonstrate and explain the next generation of cloud-native application runtimes.


As an app developer we know you’re expected to do everything from writing the code to deploying the application. We also know the potential problems you face when provisioning the Jakarta EE runtime, TLS and SSL certificates, the Pod, setting up your containers, and the nightmare of making it all work with Kubernetes…


And so we’re creating an easier way to run your apps on the cloud. Save time and effort and deploy your apps faster with the next generation of cloud-native application runtime: Payara Cloud! This interactive demo will take you through the log in to creating your namespace, adding an application, and deploying it.

Steve Millidge


Steve Millidge is the founder of Payara, and is a Steering committee member of Jakarta EE and a founder member of MicroProfile. At Payara Steve heads up the company with a particular focus on product direction and strategy.

Steve has spoken at a number of events about the performance and scalability of Java systems, including Java One, JBoss World, UK Oracle User Group Conference and Special Interest Groups, JaxLondon, GeeCon, EclipseCon, and Jakarta EE Live Stream; he regularly presents technical workshops and webinars on Jakarta EE, Microprofile and big scale Java.

Steve has been working with Java since pre-1.0 and has worked on large scale distributed applications and application servers since the 1990s. Before founding Payara Steve ran a consultancy company providing advice and guidance on architecting, building and running at scale large web applications on Java technologies. Steve has a keen interest in non-functional attributes of big scale Java.