How to get Hacker Kids to Max Out your AWS account in 10 Hours, and Other Reasons to focus on your Secure Software Supply Chain

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Deploying applications to the cloud can be a risky business, we've all heard of SolarWinds and we've all got horror stories around cloud spend, but it need not be. We will talk about what the areas of concern are when using a cloud-based deployment pipeline, and how a bit of planning in advance and the proper use of automation tools can help you avoid pitfalls and spin up a safe pipeline for your cloud development work - and how you can save your company a few quid along the way using ephemeral environments. We will draw on our experiences of building secure critical national infrastructure in the cloud to highlight areas of concern when using a cloud based deployment pipeline.

Kevin Rudland


Kevin is a Principal Architect at Capgemini, leading the Cloud Development Practice. Kevin's background is in building large systems using Java technologies, having worked across multiple industries such as financial services, transport, manufacturing, policing and central government. Recently Kevins focus has been on helping clients move to public cloud and modernise their applications.

Chris Burns


Chris is a Senior Software Engineer for Capgemini. Focusing on delivering Cloud Native solutions using the popular Hyperscalers, wIth a specific expertise around microservices deployed using Kubernetes.