Cartographer: Choreographing your path to production with Tanzu Application Platform

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Automating the path to production is challenging especially with new technologies that continue to evolve in the modern ecosystem. Being able to centrally describe how an application should be built and delivered securely while ensuring quality is hard. Helping developers focus on writing code and application operators to provide governance necessary to your business is another goal we hear when using Kubernetes at an enterprise scale.


Cartographer is an open source project that allows operators to declaratively describe their supply chains. These supply chains coordinate events that hand off to dedicated platform services responsible for activities such as building, securing, promoting and validating changes. Cartographer also provides an abstraction that developers can use to reduce the cognitive overload typically needed when working with platform services and Kubernetes.


This session along with a demo, will take a deeper look at how Cartographer can help application operators provide platform capabilities for developers. We'll look at choreography as well as pipeline orchestration and the unique approach of level triggered supply chains that help robustly coordinate platform services. Using an extensional mixture of OSS and commercial features from Tanzu Application Platform including Cartographer, Kpack, Tekton and Grype to build, test, scan and deliver Knative services via GitOps, visualized by Backstage.

James Rawlings


James Rawlings is a Tech Lead working at VMWare on Tanzu projects. Helping developers, team and enterprises move to Kubernetes and the Cloud.

Previously, co-creator of the open source project Jenkins X while at CloudBees and ex Red Hat.

James is passionate about automation, developer experience and continuous improvement.