The Future of Java

DevNation Day
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Learn about the latest innovations in Java, including how Kube-native Java,  Quarkus, OpenJDK and Eclipse Adoptium are proving more and more important in a Kubernetes environment, and how you can be on the leading edge of Kubernetes-native Java developers.

Mark Little

Red Hat

Mark Little leads the technical direction, research, and development for Red Hat JBoss Middleware. Prior to taking over this role in 2009, Mark served as the SOA technical development manager and director of standards. Additionally, Mark was a chief architect, and co-founder at Arjuna Technologies, a spin-off from HP, where he was Distinguished Engineer. He has worked in the area of reliable distributed systems since the mid-80s with a PhD in fault-tolerant distributed systems, replication, and transactions. Mark is also a professor at Newcastle University and Lyon University.