Developing a stream processing application with Apache Kafka and Quarkus

DevNation Day
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Apache Kafka is the de-facto standard for high-performance data streaming applications. Such applications are infrequently about pure message processing. They often need to integrate Kafka messages with a remote endpoint, persist messages to a data store, or relay them to a third-party service.

This talk presents how Quarkus, in combination with MicroProfile Reactive Messaging, lets you build Kafka-based event-driven architectures. We will illustrate the concepts and common patterns using a sample application and show how Quarkus makes the development of event-driven microservices smooth and straightforward while integrating naturally with Quarkus' reactive core. Expect to see lots of live coding, showcasing live reload, Dev UI, continuous testing, etc.

Ozan Gunalp

Red Hat

Ozan is Principal Software Engineer for Red Hat, working on Quarkus and Smallrye.

He has a PhD in computer science with over a decade of hands-on experience in distributed systems, IoT and software development processes.

Recently moved from Paris to London, he likes to share his passion for making life easier for developers by improving software tools and delivery processes.