Software Engineer's AI Bootcamp: Hands-On Development of AI-Powered Applications
Mini Lab (BEGINNER level)
Coding Cafe
The AI revolution has arrived, and it is poised to disrupt, transform, and innovate industries across the board. Organisations are actively seeking ways to harness the potential of Large Language Models (LLMs) to unlock new business opportunities, extract business value and gain a competitive advantage.
AI landscape is moving at an incredible speed and the journey of seamlessly integrating generative AI models is proving to be difficult and chaotic for software engineering teams. Designing and reengineering traditional software development processes to embrace AI poses a formidable challenge. Technical teams are tasked with the monumental challenge of integrating these advanced technologies into their software development lifecycle.
Teams must navigate the disruption AI can cause to existing business models as well as the constant need for monitoring of AI systems to ensure their accuracy and effectiveness. These hurdles necessitate a thoughtful, well-resourced approach to successfully leverage AI's transformative potential.
In this engaging and immersive talk, we will demystify the process of developing AI-powered applications from the ground up. We will embark on a comprehensive journey, starting from a basic understanding of LLMs to the advanced topics such as RAG patterns, Vector Search and Cloud Deployments. This hands-on bootcamp is meticulously designed for software engineers eager to incorporate AI into their toolkit.
Madhusudhan Konda
Madhusudhan Konda is a distinguished technologist known for demystifying complex issues and leading in tech realms. Beyond providing solutions for global clients, he's also a seasoned author, with works including "Elasticsearch in Action 2e" among others. His career combines technical leadership, mentorship, and a deep commitment to continuous learning, especially in Java, Spring, and Hibernate.
Detailed Profile:
I'm a Polyglot Software Engineer with a deep-rooted experience of over 23 years - predominantly working in London for investment banks and financial organizations. 
I'm also proud author of the 'Just' series with titles 'Just Spring' and 'Just Hibernate', 'Just Spring Data Access' published by O'Reilly.
My recently published book - 'Elasticsearch in Action, 2nd Edition' - is a hands-on practical, no-nonsense book diving deep into Elasticsearch.
One of my key strengths is my ability to explain complex topics in simple and concise terms. I really strive to distill intricate problem spaces into manageable chunks, making them easier to understand and solve. This approach has not only been beneficial in my engineering work but also in my role as an author.
Beyond my technical and writing endeavours, I am deeply passionate about mentoring, training, and teaching. I have had the privilege of teaching hundreds of individuals in Java, Elasticsearch, and cloud technologies like AWS and Azure. More recently, I've delved into the exciting world of artificial intelligence and Large Language Models, which I find particularly stimulating.