Modern Garbage Collection Tuning - Step by Step


It’s only in the last couple of years that it has become possible to have a simple flow you can follow for JVM GC tuning. For most of the last decade GC tuning was arcane and fragile, but now the options are clearer and more targeted and there is a clear step-by-step procedure you can follow which I detail in this talk.


JVM Heap
Garbage Collection
Performance Tuning

Jack Shirazi

Expedia Group

Jack Shirazi works in the Performance and Reliability team at, Expedia Group. He is the founder of and author of Java Performance Tuning (O’Reilly), and has been an official Java Champion since 2005. Jack has worked at all levels and all stages of IT projects in several industries including with real-time, low latency and highly scaled applications. As well as authoring his popular book and contributing to several other books, Jack has published over 60 articles on Java performance for various sites and magazines; and has published over 200 newsletters for over 15 years, and with these newsletters published around 10,000 Java performance and memory related tips.