Take a walk on the Client Side

DevNation Day
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In this talk, we'll take a walk on the client side: we'll explore how you can use JBang, Spring, Quarkus command-mode, client-oriented extensions, and straight-up Java goodness to create badass native command-line apps that can do all the things.

Erin Schnabel

Red Hat

Erin Schnabel (@ebullientworks) is a Distinguished Engineer and maker of things at Red Hat. She is a Java Champion, with over 25 years under her belt as a developer, technical leader, architect and advocate, and she strongly prefers being up to her elbows in code. Erin learns (and teaches) by coding ridiculous things, like "Monster Combat" (, an application that makes monsters fight each other to explore application metrics; and “Game On! Text Adventure” ( for exploring cloud native development.