Distributed Tracing in Java? OpenTelemetry for the Rescue!
Tools-in-Action (BEGINNER level)
Gallery Hall
Distributed tracing is hot these days. It’s your way to understand how requests flow through your microservices and pinpoint where errors occur and where latency is coming from. OpenTelemetry is fast becoming the standard way to instrument applications and collect traces and other telemetry data from systems.
On this talk we’ll see how easy it is to instrument Java apps using OpenTelemetry. We’ll see automatic instrumentation as well as manual instrumentation approaches, and discuss available integration with popular libraries, frameworks and application servers.
Horovits is the author of the Guide to OpenTelemetry and is an avid speaker on the project as well as on open source and observability in general. Join the session to start your journey into distributed tracing on the right foot. 
Dotan Horovits
Horovits lives at the intersection of technology, product and innovation. With over 20 years in the hi-tech industry as a software developer, a solutions architect and a product manager, he brings a wealth of knowledge in cloud and cloud-native solutions, DevOps practices and more. 
Horovits is an international speaker and thought leader, as well as an Ambassador of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). Horovits is an avid advocate of open source and communities, an organizer of the CNCF Tel-Aviv meetup group and of Kubernetes Community Days and DevOpsDays local events, a podcaster at OpenObservability Talks, and a blogger, among others. 
Currently working as the principal developer advocate at, Horovits evangelizes on Observability in IT systems using popular open source projects such as Prometheus, OpenSearch, Jaeger and OpenTelemetry.