Quarkus Hands-on practices for Spring Developers

Hands-on Lab

This workshop is designed to be hands-on experiences on how Spring developers can evolve existing Spring Boot apps to Kubernetes-Native apps using Quarkus quickly without any steep learning curve. The workshop covers Spring Web, DI, Data, JPA, and Cache refactoring practices. Lab participants don’t need to install any tools & software ahead of time. Instead, they will use Web-based IDE, Spring & Quarkus runtimes, and Kubernetes for a deployment infrastructure.

Scheduled on Wednesday from 13:20 to 16:40 in Room A


James Falkner

Red Hat

Technology evangelist, teacher, learner, author, dedicated to open source and open computing. I work at Red Hat as a technical marketing director for Red Hat's cloud native application runtimes and love learning from others, and occasionally teaching at conferences. I've been doing this for the last 2 decades, and am a Computer Engineering graduate of the University of Florida.