To Infinity and Beyond, a Journey in Scaling


Since the beginning of 2020, the ThousandEyes (Cisco) Endpoint product has grown by a factor of 25! Scaling systems to support a high number of users while maintaining the same level of performance is a challenge that all high growth products will face.

In this session, we will present the lessons we have learned in our scaling journey so far, some of which were painful, all of which were enlightening. Along the way, we will deep dive on some of the architecture decisions that were made, and talk about the tricky art of uncovering scaling and performance bottlenecks.

Scheduled on Tuesday from 10:00 to 10:50 in Exec Room

Apache Kafka Streams
Apache Kafka

C├ęsar Tron-Lozai

ThousandEyes (part of Cisco)

Senior Software Engineer at ThousandEyes (part of Cisco) with a wide range of interests, from designing distributed systems to tinkering with programming languages. I love sharing my passion and knowledge of mathematical foundations underlying functional programming languages. As part of the Endpoint team at Cisco ThousandEyes I work on scaling our systems to cope with the 25x growth that came over the last year.

Derek Mok

ThousandEyes (part of Cisco)

Derek is a Lead Software Engineer on the Endpoint Agent team in ThousandEyes. Although he studied mathematics at university, Derek fell into coding through a chance acceptance into a software engineering internship program. Since then, he has worked on a wide range of products from investment management systems, to online lottery backends. These days, he helps enterprises solve thorny end user networking issues through his work on the ThousandEyes Endpoint Agent. He enjoys scaling people, scaling systems, writing code, and squashing bugs.