Deploying your application secrets: Hashicorp Vault and continuous delivery

Cloud, Containers & Infrastructure

Managing application secrets, like database credentials, passphrases, salts and private keys, is hard. The availability of those elements are critical to the application, yet they need to be properly secured to reduce the attack surface on your system. Most secret management systems, like Hashicorp Vault, are used as a centralized database, but it creates a single point of failure and it requires extra care in hardening the security of that system. How about deploying your secrets, in Hashicorp Vault, alongside your application? By leveraging your build infrastructure, you can deploy a copy of your secrets in a Vault that is secured using a one-time token, accessible only by your application. In this presentation, we'll show a continuous delivery pipeline that enables that approach, talk about the implications of handling secrets in your build infrastructure, and use threat modeling to verify the security of the deployed Vault.

Continuous Delivery
Hashicorp Vault

Alexandre DuBreuil


Software engineer, conference speaker, open source maintainer and sound designer.