Demystifying Micro-Frontends


Micro-frontends are starting to get more traction thanks to the benefits they provide, such as independent deployments, team autonomy, and a quick path to production. In this session, we’ll explore how to structure micro-frontend architectures, and we’ll bust some of the myths around them, providing concrete examples applied in the real world. After a brief introduction about what micro-frontends are and which principles they follow, we’ll cover some key topics on how to structure a micro-frontends architecture like:

  • Identifying micro-frontends inside a project
  • Routing and communication between micro-frontends
  • UX consistency
  • Performance optimisations

During the talk, I’ll show some real-world examples a project that I’ve worked on over the last three years, delivering a streaming video platform across multiple devices with hundreds of developers distributed across Europe.

Frontend Development
Scaling Architectures

Luca Mezzalira


Luca is VP of Architecture at DAZN, Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies and London JavaScript Community Manager