GitOps, a slightly realistic situation on Kubernetes with FluxCD

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You're tired of talks that deploy hello-worlds to demonstrate the relevance of the younameit tool.
It's a good thing: what we're interested in is trying a slightly realistic DevSecOps situation. We will therefore build a step-by-step enterprise scenario with a dev team, which deploys/updates/rolls back Pokémon WebApps on Kubernetes via Helm charts.
A second dev team will use Kustomize, for the same purpose.
And on the Ops side, we will also be concerned with the platform's security issues: segregation of team rights, WebApps network flows, transparent patch management on the technical stack, metrology, control of activities on the cluster.
We will see how these teams collaborate with each other on a daily basis in a GitOps workflow that relies on Kubernetes, FluxCD, Azure DevOps, and many other things...


Ludovic Piot


Ludovic felt into _DevOps_ in 2004 with first _Infra as Code_ deployments on _bare-metal_ blade servers. He's found of empowering project teams through automated tools and friendly collaboration, and then welcome `Docker` and `Kubernetes` as the ultimate tools to leverage his favorite practice. Through meetups, conferences and forums, he shares his love for _cloud_, _infra as code_, _devops_ and performance topics.

Laurent Grangeau


Laurent Grangeau is a Cloud Solution Architect with more than 10+ years of experience. Former Java developer, he has since developed in .NET, with Agile and DevOps mindsets. He has been experimenting with cloud providers for more than 5+ years. Docker enthusiast from the beginning, he has experienced with building microservices and distributed systems. He loves to automate things and run distributed applications at scale.