Devoxx UK 2020
Volunteers holding letters spelling Devoxx UK
Introducing the hardworking people behind Devoxx UK 2020! Every year a whole host of people help come together to help create the program and drive initiatives to make Devoxx UK a truly community-driven event. As a result of the time, effort and energies they provide, we believe the event continues to improve every year. Massive...
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Houses in Morocco
Once a year the titans of Devoxx convene to discuss secret Devoxx things. This year it was in Morocco. Mark Hazell presented Project Carbon – our goals, our areas of focus, our emerging timeline and the work so far. It was well received, and the other Devoxxes can watch Devoxx UK 2020 and use our...
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Wales Trees River England Stones
It is early September. The rainforest is on fire, apocalypse anxiety is part of the global zeitgeist and we’re slowly waking up to the fact that we are tacitly complicit in our ignorance. Many of us who lauded Greta Thunberg, who has just stormed New York, have shockingly realised ourselves to be the adults that...
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