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Kaya Weers


Kaya is an enthusiastic Java developer at ING. After studying Communication & Multimedia Design, she discovered programming is also fun and started working in IT. She likes to combine creativity and technology to come up with the best solutions. Kaya loves innovation, asking ‘why?’ and teaching children how to code (at Devoxx4Kids). And in her free time: playing soccer and board games.

5 superpowers you need in your team!

Methodology & Culture

Every team is full of heroes. Although not everyone would identify their characteristics as superpowers. Maybe you wouldn’t say so, but your colleague ‘the grumpy cat’ has a lot to offer. The same goes for the other (not so obvious) heroes. Probably you’ll recognize your colleagues or yourself in one of them! In this session you’ll learn how superpowers can contribute to the success of your team.

Development Teams

To Lombok or not to Lombok?

Byte Size

Do you hate boilerplate code? Meet Project Lombok; a Java library which replaces a lot of boilerplate with just some simple annotations. Add @Getter to your class and you can get rid of all the getters. Add @toString to your class and get a free implementation of the toString method. Add @AllArgsConstructor to your class and.. yeah you get it. Sounds perfect! Or not?

Well, there are also some disadvantages. Finding usages isn’t as easy as it used to be. Migrating to a newer Java version can be problematic. And there is probably a reason why Lombok was removed from a Spring Data project.

In this session I'll give you an overview of the most useful annotations, explain how Lombok works under the hood and point out some disadvantages. And at the end, I'll let the audience decide: To Lombok or not to Lombok?