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Aleksandar Seovic


Aleks Seović is an architect at Oracle, where he works on Oracle Coherence in-memory data grid and Helidon microservices framework. Most recently, Aleks led the design and implementation of Helidon gRPC framework. Aleks is the author of “Oracle Coherence 3.5” (Packt Publishing, 2010) and frequently speaks about Coherence, Helidon and GraalVM at industry conferences, Java user group events, and Coherence SIGs.

Production-Ready Microservices on Kubernetes

Deep Dive
Cloud, Containers & Infrastructure

In this session we will walk you through building, running and operating a large scale, production-ready microservices application on Kubernetes.

Most of the examples available online only scratch the surface and show only how to implement and package individual services and deploy them to Kubernetes, and more often than not punt on hard problems of state management, resiliency and scalability. They also mostly ignore operational aspects, such as monitoring, upgradeability and service versioning.

In this talk we will start from one such "toy" application, and walk you through solving the hard problems until we end up with an application you can deploy to production, monitor using Prometheus, Grafana and Kibana, and scale and upgrade easily without taking any downtime. We will also look at several popular data store backends, and how easy or difficult they are to use and manage at scale. You will walk away knowing not only what functional and non-functional requirements you need to think about when building production-ready microservices, but also what tools and tehniques you can use to address them.

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