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Elizabeth Ince

Capgemini plc

Liz Ince has been working in the IT industry for over 30 years. Since leaving University (BSC Hons in Electronic and Electrical Engineering ) she has worked as a Systems Engineer, a Sales Representative and is now a Managing Solutions Architect at Capgemini. She has helped many organisations develop their digital strategies and define new IT roadmaps to implement and meet their online business objectives. She is a Member of the IET, a Chartered Engineer and was a finalist in the Women in Science and Engineering Awards 2018. Liz has two grown up children – her son is a software project engineer and her daughter is an Officer in the British Army

Just Enough Architecture – Just in Time – JIT/JEA

We no longer create a Big Design Up Front (BDUF) where we define an architecture to be realized over a long period.

Instead, the architecture is designed in an agile context  - so the architect will work with the agile team(s) to deliver:

       - just good enough architecture

       - just good enough documentation

       - just good enough governance

       - just in time and in iteration-size chunks