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Roy van Rijn


Roy van Rijn is director at OpenValue Rotterdam and a Java Champion. He worked on numerous projects all over the Netherlands as developer, architect and agile coach. You can read more at his blog (http://www.royvanrijn.com) or follow him on Twitter (@royvanrijn)

Survival guide: Grumpy senior developers

Methodology & Culture

The more experience you get, the more the dimwitted actions of your fellow (junior!) developers might annoy you. They join your cherished project, fresh from college, with optimistic blinders on and no skills or experience, making silly mistakes and bugging you with the stupidest questions.... you get grumpy!

New frameworks and languages get suggested and they all have that same "hype" surrounding them, you hear the same silver-bullet promises as all that came before it. But in the end they all fall short and quickly get out of fashion, even faster than before. You get even grumpier!

We all know the stereotype: The grumpy senior developer, the kind that grabs his/her coffee, sighs and murmuringly complains about everything.

In this talk we'll dive into what annoys us 'experienced' programmers and how we can turn this around. How to create an optimistic positive workplace and channel the youthful enthusiasm into the right direction.

Join me and beat the grump!

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