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Eddú Meléndez

Eddú Meléndez is a Software Engineer at Docker working as a core maintainer on Testcontainers. Open Source Contributor. Java Champion.

Developer productivity for GenAI apps
Byte Size (BEGINNER level)
The GenAI landscape has grown a ton in the last year with many technologies and approaches that application developers must master to include AI in their end-user and enterprise apps. However, more focus must be put into enabling standard software development workflows: testing, ensuring RAG correctness and efficiency, local development environment and CI setups, and security of LLM artifacts.
In this session, we look at how application developers can integration test their GenAI apps with local models, augmented with RAG both locally and in CI. You'll learn how the setups for GenAI apps in the inner development loop can be programmatically managed and how new tools can get into typical software development workflows without impairing developer productivity.