Speaker Details

Paula Kennedy


Paula is Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Syntasso; her previous roles include Senior Director of Tanzu Global Education at VMware, Senior Director of Platform Services EMEA at Pivotal and Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer of CloudCredo. 

Working in the IT industry for over 20 years, Paula is passionate about community, diversity and inclusion and has a range of speaking experience including DevOpsDays, DevOps Enterprise Summit, Velocity Conference, QCon and the LeadDev conference.

Paula is part of the organising committee for Kubernetes Community Days UK and DevOps Days London, and also organises the London Platform User Group.

Reduce Cognitive Load: Pave the Golden Path On Your Internal Platform

Build & Deploy

“Kubernetes is a platform for building platforms. It's a better place to start; not the endgame.” (Kelsey Hightower).

But who should be building platforms? With the DevOps mantra “you build it, you run it”, it’s tempting for teams to build themselves, but this carries a high cognitive load and leads to multiple teams building their own platforms with high levels of duplication and waste.

Instead, Paula and Mauricio will advocate for a Platform Team to reduce cognitive load on others by building a self-serve platform that paves a “Golden Path” to production. By focusing on the needs of the application teams, the Platform Team can offer a delightful user experience which is opinionated and supported, making it the easiest and safest route to deploy code. 

We will include a full demo of building such a platform using Kubernetes, Crossplane, Knative, Flux, and more, showing how to standardise and customise according to business needs, as well as how to inject opinions into platform workflows.

Emerging Technology Patterns for 2022 and Beyond (aka Buzzword Bingo)

People & Culture

"SBOMs and GitOps and eBPF, oh my!" 

In this fun ignite session, Paula will provide definitions for these terms along with several more patterns and "buzzwords" that she has been hearing a lot about. She will attempt a quick-fire round of slides to highlight and explain the trends that all the cool kids are talking about!

This talk will be interactive and the audience will be provided with "buzzword bingo" cards so that they can follow along. And in keeping with the true spirit of bingo, there will be actual prizes available for the winners, so roll-up, roll-up!