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Louis Jacomet

Louis Jacomet has been perfecting his knowledge of Java for more than 20 years. Always a developer at heart, his role evolved over the last years to include technical team leading, coaching and some management. In addition to the bits and bytes, Louis is interested in people management skills mandatory to create a productive project team. To complete the buzzword bingo, Louis is interested in agile practices for the visibility, communication and result orientation it promotes. After working remotely from Belgium for Terracotta, with a focus on Ehcache, Louis is now part of the Gradle build tool team.

The Gradle Build Tool comes with a number of performance optimisations that help reduce the work to be done for each build. However some of these optimisations are achieved by keeping local state. While this is beneficial for local development, it can cause surprises in modern continuous integration setups where the trend is to have isolated and disposable environments. Suddenly, your Gradle build is slow!
The goal of this session is to provide strategies for getting the best of both worlds: Allow Gradle to leverage its performance optimisations while running in ephemeral environments.
The session will cover different performance aspects for a Gradle build and how you can support them in such an environment.