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Ian Lawson

Red Hat UKI

Ian is a long time developer hiding out in Red Hat presales fighting the good fight to get people to enjoy developing software.

Next Generation Microservice development using Knative Functions and Cloud Events

The advent of Kubernetes and in particular the Knative Serverless and Functions technologies have opened up an amazing path to writing efficient, non-resident microservices. This session will explain and demonstrate how easy it is to take advantage of this new architectural paradigm and technologies to write microservice applications that take up way less resources and space, allowing for smaller clusters of Kubernetes/OpenShift to handle many more workloads. The session will explain the ease of using the new abstracted Cloud Event technology as a bus for driving events to microservices that are deployed only on demand. It's a mindshift but one that will open up huge opportunities for writing highly efficient and agile workloads.

Red Hat OpenShift