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Francesco Leardini

Francesco works as a senior software engineer and Angular trainer at Accenture. He fell in love with Angular, PWAs, modern web and always looking for new ways to combine them in his projects. He also shares what he learned by talking at international conferences and local meetups. When not busy developing, he likes hiking in the Swiss Alps and attempting to take the best photos he can.

Nowadays, web applications have all the numbers to offer the same rich experience as native apps.
Thanks to PWAs and other cool technologies like the Background Sync API or the Firestore Offline Persistence, we can provide a truly seamless experience; no matter if online or not, our application will keep working correctly anyway.
Moreover, modern web APIs are constantly evolving and allow us to revolutionise the design of new functionalities. Features that, so far, were exclusive only to native apps, are now at hand reach for web developers; we can interact with our device's hardware sensors and unlock new and unique possibilities.
Curious to learn how to switch automatically to the light or dark theme according to the amount of light around your phone? Then join this session, and let's explore the potential of the web today!