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Mykyta Protsenko


Mykyta Protsenko is a senior software engineer at Netflix. Mykyta is passionate about all things scalable, from coding to deploying to monitoring. He has solid experience building high-performance backends for a variety of applications at leading Silicon Valley companies, including top-rated social mobile games and billing platforms. Mykyta is the author of Henka, a Gradle plug-in for Terraform.

Infrastructure-as-code: evolving tools vs core principles

Cloud, Containers & Infrastructure

Operation engineers are overwhelmed with support issues. Developers are mad because their cannot deploy the changes as fast as they want. Sounds familiar?


On one hand, infrastructure-as-code can make your life easier by empowering developers and reducing operations' routine toil. It can cut down the lead time for infrastructure provisioning from hours or even days to minutes. On the other hand, we have a bunch of different competing tools on the market - how do we choose the right one? How do we mitigate vendor lock-in? What are best practices for infrastructure-as-code? Are there any potential problems with IaC adoption? How do we solve them?

This talk reviews several IaC tools and approaches. It goes all the way from concrete tools and hands-on recipes to core IaC principles that can be used with evolving tooling.

Cloud Ecosystems
Infrastructure As Code
Best Practices