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César Tron-Lozai


César is a Senior Software Engineer at ThousandEyes. He is particularly interested in the theoretical foundations of Functional Programming and is passionate in his endeavour to convince the Java community to embrace FP beyond lambdas. He regularly speaks at London Meetups, occasionally gives talks at major conferences, such as DevoxxUK, mostly on the adoption of functional programming and Kubernetes. In his spare time, he co-organises Devoxx4Kids UK

Monads or how to go beyond Java 8 lambdas

Programming Languages

The time is ripe to demystify monads...

Monads are a key part of Functional Programming. They allow us to write clean, composable code and removes boilerplate. Have you noticed them sneaking into Java 8?

Yet, monads are feared by many in the Java community. Here I will debunk their mythical complexity.

In this talk we will explore two of the foundations of Functional Programming: functors and monads. We will look at Functional Programming from a theoretical perspective, but we won’t get lost in mathematical details. Using simple diagrams and practical examples we will build a clear understanding of monads. This is the perfect talk for anyone that feels baffled by functional programming!

Key takeaways:

  • gain a clear understanding of monads, get comfortable with Functional Programming and start a new journey into functional awesomeness
  • develop ideas to improve existing code; write functional java goes that goes beyond the use of lambdas
  • learn how to pick up an article about monads and understand what the ƒ it’s all about.


Functional Programming

Fantastic types and where to find them

Byte Size
Programming Languages

You knew types were fantastic, but did you know they were algrebaic? That's the A in the perhaps familiar ADT acronym.

In this session I'll show you how to add and multiply types and even solve useful equations with them. 

The ability to do algebraic operations with types is one of the cornerstones of Functional Programming. It is useful with languages like Haskell, Scala, Kotlin, Typescript and even Java...

Data Types
Functional Programming