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Dinakar Guniguntala

Red Hat

As Architect, Runtime Optimization for Cloud at Red Hat, Dinakar has twin responsibilities of making runtimes such as Java run more efficiently in the cloud and helping customers modernize their legacy applications. He is the official maintainer of the AdoptOpenJDK Docker Images. Dinakar loves OpenSource, Astronomy and Volleyball and is a prolific speaker at conferences.

Optimizing Application Performance on Kubernetes

Now that you have your apps running on K8s, wondering how to get the response time that you need ? Tuning a polyglot set of microservices to get the performance that you need can be challenging in Kubernetes. The key to overcoming this is observability. Luckily there are a number of tools such as Prometheus that can provide all the metrics you need, but here is the catch, there is so much of data and metrics that is difficult make sense of it all. This is where Hyperparameter tuning can come to the rescue to help build the right models.

This talk covers best practices that will help attendees

1. To understand and avoid common performance related problems.

2. Discuss observability tools and how they can help identify perf issues.

3. Look closer into Autotune which is a Open Source Autonomous Performance Tuning Tool for Kubernetes and where it can help.

Performance Tuning
Machine Learning