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Simon Bédard


Born in canada, I have been working in France for past 5 years as a software engineer. I have been developing in Java since the beginning, and I touched a little bit of everything. I have worked on some old and large web application build in Struts, but also some younger project that used big data, and of course I builded some microservices that used rest. In my free time I love to develop video games, 2D and 3D, and I have also been helping organising and promoting game jam for the past 4 years.

GameJams, or the art of fusing a week-end and coffee to create a video game

Mind the Geek

What’s a GameJam ? Simply, Jams are events where you create a video game in 48 hours. This might sound out of reach for most, but, in reality, it’s just like a marathon : with training and willpower anyone can do it, and, like every other events like this one, the social and technical skills acquired in this journey are absolutely worthwhile. 

My goals for this presentation are as follows : to explain some of the key elements to remember during the Jam, to give you a list of the tools and the preparations needed to have a successful weekend, making you want to participate in the next one.

We are going to talk about game engines available right now, big ones like Unity and Unreal but also little ones, like Godo and LibGDX.

Also, Because Jams have a lots of different people from lots of different technical backgrounds (Usually programmers, 2/3D artists, sound design, game designers), I will offer a quick lesson about video game lexicons and logic; like what is an asset, how does a 3D model work, how are sprites animated etc. 

We will also go through the main steps of a Jam together, showing you what to do, when to do it and why, building a roadmap that will help you make better choices during the limited timeframe. 

Finally we will go through examples of games made during the Jam (with the source code available on github for a few), what went well during their creation but also what went wrong.