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Mario Fernandez


I develop software for a living, and then I go home and continue thinking about software because I just can't get enough.

I'm a full-stack engineer with infrastructure skills. I've led multiple agile delivery teams, being an individual contributor, driving architecture topics, and coaching and supporting other team members.

I believe in high-quality software and advocate for Continuous Delivery, Test Driven Development, and quick iteration. I write and speak about my experience regularly.

Humane On-Call: Alerting doesn't have to be painful

Do you believe in “you build it, you run it”? What if you have on-call rotations, where you are responsible 24x7 for the health of a system? Nothing is quite so infuriating as a collection of poorly structured alerts that trigger randomly.

So, let’s do better! I want to talk about how to improve your monitoring capabilities. There are a few topics I want to touch:

  • Reduce the noise
  • Automate as much as possible
  • Build actionable triggers
  • Tune your monitoring constantly

After this talk, you’ll have concrete actions to make your engineers’ life easier when on-call.