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Clever Cloud

Hubert is a curious and passionate Web developer working for Clever Cloud. He's always looking for new ideas and various hacks to improve the user and developer experience in his projects.

Storybook Driven Development : design, code, review and document your UI components with style

Modern Web

Storybook's primary goal is to document and demo Web UI component librairies (Angular, React, Vue, Web Components...) but its usage is not limited to this post-dev phase, on the contrary. It's also a really powerful tool for developers, including those working on components only used in one app.

In this session, we'll recreate together a real production component 😉 Inpired by TDD, we'll see how Storybook helps us to "drive" the different creation steps : design, code, review, documentation...

Web Components
Frontend Development
Live Coding & Demos