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Pratik Patel


Pratik is a Java Champion and Developer Advocate at Azul Systems.. He has extensive experience leading teams, building products, building software, and building startup companies. He has worked as a developer, lead architect, and CTO in his career. He has published several books on Java technology & software development, and is a master builder of nachos.

Enterprise Cloud Patterns

The Cloud has changed the way developers approach building applications. Whether you're building Monoliths in the Cloud, Microservices, or Cloud Functions, the keys to successful development, deployment, and operations are challenging.

How do Enterprise developers stay on top of this complexity?

In this session, we'll discuss Cloud Native Architecture, and how specifically, Enterprise developers can think and build systems for the Cloud. We'll focus on the Design and Implementation patterns with the time we have alloted, and we will discuss these topics in some details, and others related topics:

- Patterns Overview
- Monolith vs Microservice vs Cloud Functions
- Gateway Aggregation Pattern
- Ambassador
- Anti Corruption Pattern
- Backend for Frontend

Cloud Native Java