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Kris Jenkins


Kris Jenkins is the former CTO of a gold-trading company, contractor for a number of internet startups, and now Developer Advocate at Confluent. He enjoys anything that makes system architecture simpler and more reliable (like functional programming and event-based systems), and anything that puts the fun back into coding (like meetups, hackathons, and playing with new technology).

Kris lives in London with his noun phrase and two subjunctive clauses.

GO NORTH - A Kafka Adventure Game

Apache Kafka is used by many video gaming companies to manage and analyse live data from their players, handling billions of events across dozens of countries every day. But none of them have thrown caution to the wind and used Kafka as their core game engine.

In this talk we'll revisit the quintessential video game, the Text-Based Adventure, and implement as much of it as we can in pure Kafka. We may not break the Steam sales records, but along the way we'll learn a lot about the building blocks of event systems, some interesting ksqlDB tricks, and get a glimpse of how many different needs a good event store can satisfy: data collection, processing & enrichment, analytics, real-time reporting and more.

The source code will be available online afterwards, but if your boss catches you building an MMO on the corporate server, we take no responsibility.

Apache Kafka

GO NORTH TOGETHER - Hacking A Kafka Game Engine

Develop some event-streaming skills with Kafka & Java as we hack on an online adventure game. We'll have three sub-tracks in which you can add a new feature to the game, extend the game's rules engine, or just write some new story & puzzles. All skill levels are welcome. We encourage you to attend the talk, "GO NORTH - A Kafka Adventure Game," beforehand to get familiar with the project's architecture.

Requirements: Java 16, Node and Kafka (or Docker, to get Kafka with the dockerfile we'll supply).

Apache Kafka