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Laura Wacrenier


UX Designer based in Geneva. I've been working on developer tools for several years: SonarQube and SonarCloud. Passionate about usability and learning to build more accessible interfaces each day!

Beyond colours: how to build colour-blind-friendly user interfaces

Modern Web

Not everyone perceives colours in the same way. For some people, red and green are actually the same thing. Now think about how common it is to use these colours to display information. Look at the web sites and application you use. What do you see? Colour-heavy dashboards, filled with green feel-good numbers and terrifying red plummeting charts. Error messages flashing in red, small green dots telling you who’s online… For colour-blind people, all of this is simply unusable. With about 4.5% of the population affected by some sort of colour vision deficiency, we need to adapt the way we design.

Adapting our UI for the colour-blind? Isn’t it going to be ugly and complicated?

Well, no. And you don’t need to be a designer to make a difference. Developers, Product Managers, you too can have impact.

What we’ll see:

  • What colour-blindness is

  • Visual accessibility best practices and tools

  • Effective approaches to convince your team

  • How to make visual accessibility part of your development process

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