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Asim Hussain


Asim is a developer, trainer, author and speaker with over 19 years of experience working for organisations such as the European Space Agency, Google and now Microsoft, where he is the Green Cloud Advocacy Lead.

12 Factor Green Apps

Green Tech

Grey apps are unfit, dirty and lazy, ripe for disruption. Green apps are cleaner, leaner, faster, cheaper, more battery efficient and smarter. 

Green apps don't take longer to write than Grey apps; they don't perform worse than Grey apps; they simply require some planning and discipline in execution.

In this talk, I'll explain what it means for an application to be Green. I'll also present the 12 Factor Green App Methodology, a clear, concise plan for building Green applications.

You'll walk away tooled up and ready to build a lean Green application you can be proud of.


The magic that powers the internet

Opening Keynote
Green Tech

Electricity is the lifeblood of computing, but it might as well be magic, the plug socket a wand and the on/off switch an incantation. 

What do you really know about it? It hurts when you touch it, and without it, our code spells don't work. That's about it.

We'll start from the place we should always start, the beginning. How is it made? How is it transported? How is it bought and sold? How is it cooked into a tasty meal for your computer? Finally, how does a CPU use electricity to cast your code spell into reality?

By understanding electricity you'll understand what makes an application and architecture Green, you'll understand how to build applications that use electricity efficiently and the commercial and competitive advantages that Green applications bring you over their Grey inefficient &is  more costly counterparts.