Reasons to attend

Reasons to attend

You may not have attended a developer conference for a few years now, so we invite you to join us for 3 days in May.

We think that they are a brilliant place to meet with peers, get energized, be filled with ideas & leave a better developer. Sure, we’re a little biased, but hear us out.

If your boss isn’t convinced that coming to Devoxx UK is the best use of your time, why not copy some of these bits down and send them over?

Get Inspired & Motivated

Meeting and hearing first-hand from inspiring developers, pioneers and early adopters gives us deep insights, changes the way we think and gives us renewed energy

The Feedback Loop

Take the chance to discuss what you’re working on and your concepts with peers. Sure, we do this online, but
it’s not the same as grabbing a coffee or bite to eat and really getting under the skin of it all.

It Does Whaaat?

You’re sitting in a conference session and the speaker casually drops in that they used a tool to do x, y or z thing. And you’re like WHAAAT?? You can do that? I CAN DO THAT? You bounce out of your seat, quiz the speaker more and start furiously typing.

Skillset Shifting

Get tips and techniques on frameworks, applications and languages that you can put into play direct from
expert practitioners, chosen to speak because of the valuable knowledge they have to share. Listen to them and learn how you could improve.


The random chat with someone sitting in the same session, the people you’re introduced to, the speakers you get to talk to, the engineers you meet on a sponsor booth – they all extend your network. At some point in the future one of those meetings will likely have a positive impact of your work life.


Events offer brilliant opportunities to improve teamwork. Large groups will bond through shared experiences, whilst individual attendees can take back all they’ve learned and share it with colleagues and friends.

Get your ticket now, and we’ll see you in May!